Enrique Iglesias Top 10 Songs

Enrique Iglesias has been labeled “The King of Latin Pop” by Billboard. He has also been labeled as “The King of Dance” (music genre). The Grammy-winning recording artist claims the record for 25 singles in Spanish. He became a popular crossover artist in 1999. He has sold more 60 million albums in Spanish and English. He has been in news presently. While performing a concert on 31st May in Tijuana, Mexico, he clutched a flying drone camera for providing a better view to his fans. But, he injured his middle finger badly from the propeller of drone.
Enrique’s father, Julio Iglesias, was among the most popular international singers in the 1980s and 1970s. He was starting to prominent himself in the market of U.S. English-language. He made a hit single which was a duet with Diana Ross. Presently in the mid-’90s Enrique started trailing the footsteps of his father. However, he had to face a tough time doing so. But, he has done much more than that. He has claimed one Grammy and 4 Latin Grammys, besides a lot of Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards and Billboard Latin Music Awards.
Scroll down to find out the top 10 best songs by Enrique:

10. “I Like It”

This tune can be heard in many national and regional TV ads. There is no wonder due to its catching intro and hook. The song also features famous Miami rapper, Pitbull.

9. “Dirty Dancer”

Most of his tracks feature famous R&B rappers and artists. This song is no exception. Lil Wayne and Usher are special guest vocalists. Enrique and Usher have wanted to do some work together for some time.

8. “Addicted”

This song from the 7 album tells everything about addiction of love. Enrique said in a radio interview that he got inspiration for this song from the movie “Midnight Express”.

7. “Not in Love”

 This song features Kelis, a hip hop musician. This track is also from the 7 album. Not surprisingly, this song made it to top track on the dance chart.

6. “Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)”

This song made its way to number 21. The video of this song is quite different and you can see Enrique somewhere outdoors instead of some dark jam-packed dance club. This song was performed on a reality show, “Dancing with the Stars.”

5. “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)”

Enrique gets dirty with this track. The song was released in two versions. One was for radio friendly listeners while the second was completely uncensored to facilitate club DJs.

4. “Escape”

This song was written by the singer himself. The video shows Anna Kournikova, his long-time girlfriend.

3. “Be With You”

This track is among those 1 songs on the list that made their ways towards number 1 on Billboard Hot 100. This pop/dance song goes with a beautiful opening with flamenco guitar that has been even used as ringtones.

2. “Bailamos”

This track topped at #1 on the coveted Hot 100 pop chart and the Latin and dance charts. The word “Bailamos” translate to “we dance”.

1. “Hero”

At number one, we have Hero. Though this song failed to reach No. 1, but it went number 3 on the pop chart. It also went No. 1 on dance chart.

Top 10 Songs by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born on 13th December, 1989 in Wyomissing. She is an American pop singer, actress and songwriter.

Swift released her first single “Tim McGraw” in 2006, and then she released a self-titled 1st album, which was later certified multi-platinum by America’s Recording Industry Association. In 2008 November, she launched her 2nd album, Fearless. Taylor Swift and Fearless finished 2008 at number-6and number-3 respectively, grossing the sales of 1.5 and 2.1 million. Fearless outdid the Billboard 200 in 11 continuous weeks; since 2000, there is no album which spent enough time at No. 1. In 2009, Billboard Magazine named her the Artist of the Year. Fearless also claimed Album of the Year Grammy Award in 2010. In November 2010, she released Speak Now; her 3rd album.

In 2008, all of her albums were sold at a total of 4 million copies combined, which made her year’s best-selling musician in US, according to Nielsen SoundScan. According to the ranking of Forbes, she was ranked the 69th-most powerful celebrity of 2009 with gross earnings of $18 million. In 2010 January, Swift was listed by Nielsen SoundScan, as top-selling digital artist in the history of music having more than 24.3 million digital tracks sold. Till date, she has vended more than 20 million albums across the globe. Here in this article, we are listing down the famous tracks by Taylor Swift which got the highest rating. Scroll down for top 100 songs by Swift:

    1. You Belong With Me

This most amazing song sung by her has got the highest admiration. Despite of screaming out the words, Swift has successfully managed to sustain the beauty of the song. It really makes you to think about the things.

    2. Love Story

Even if you do not believe in love, you are definitely going to love this Love Story. The song does not bore you even if you hear it a 100 times.

   3.  I Knew You Were Trouble

This song was released on 9th October, 2012, in US by Big Machine Records. It was album’s 3rd promotional single. Later, the song was released on 27th November, 2012, as the 3rd single from Red on.

    4. Back to December

If you have ever made a mistake and now wish to go back in times and transform the things, then this is the song you would love to hear

    5. Enchanted

This song describes Swift’s personal feelings about Adam Young. She wrote this song about her meeting experience with him. She even used some of the words in lyrics, which were used by him in some emails to Swift.

    6.  Mean

This song is wonderfully written, picturized and sung. Mean is about the problems faced by kids or teenagers regarding bulling.

    7. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This song is about breakup in which a girl is fed up by some unwanted behavior of her boyfriend and finally they came to breakup. A forever together couple faces its destiny. If you have undergone a severe break up and really annoyed of your guy, this song is for you.

    8. Blank Space

This pop song seems as Swift is talking to you personally. The song talks about bad boys and bad girls absent any commitment with only intentions to play.

    9.  Mine

This is a beautiful song describing the perfect essence of a romantic relationship. Listen to this with your love mate.

    10. Teardrops on My Guitar

This track is completely occupied with emotion. It confesses strong feelings towards the one you love but you are unable to have him/her. Taylor has been very unique in stating her feelings via this song.

Top 10 Songs of Madonna

1.    Like a Prayer

Even though we passionately questioned the position of many songs in this list but at hand was no hesitation regarding which song will seize the peak spot. Boldly mending the sexual and the blessed both lyrically and melodiously, “Like a Prayer” was an ultimate accomplishment for pop music and most of all for Madonna.

2.    Frozen

“Frozen” is from “Ray of Light” Madonna’s seventh album. It came at large as the main song from the album recorded by Maverick Records. The song was furthermore taken in many collection of albums like “Celebration (2009)” and “GHV2 (2001).” and you can download albums free .Madonna and Patrick Leonard writes the song, and in association with William Orbitit was produced.

3.    Vogue

What’s attractive about this song? It is so as to its infrequently connected with the album. The song turned out to be the initial single on I’m Breathless, yet had not a thing to do regarding film Madonna was co-starred in. That is, apart from for the truth that mutually the music video and the film are stimulated by the 30’s glamour and glitz.

4.    Express yourself

Madonna in 1989 had a bit to speak concerning love and feminine freedom. In fact, she had a great deal to say. Firstly just deserved the best. Secondly if you aren’t getting that then you ought to gaze somewhere else. Thirdly you’re happier by yourself vs. staying. You got to admire yourself. Is there anything you want? Request for it. Insist it.

5.    Ray of Light

 “Ray of Light,” acquired from the foremost album which came after the delivery of her offspring Lourdes, noticeable as a fresh period in her memorable career. This song was described by Larry Flick of Billboard as “Madonna at her absolute best.”  Two Grammy awards were also won by it one for “best short form music video” and second for “best dance recording” in 1999.

6.    Holiday

This song is described as pure cheerfulness of four minutes. “Holiday” can be meant as having a honest holiday or just evading from actual life. “It’s time for the good times/ Forget about the bad times.”

7.    Open your Heart

Do not try to dance by getting up on this glossy, up rhythmic beat. Overflowing with sexual implication, Madonna desires for a man to unlock her lock with his personal key. And of course, that precisely means what you are thinking.

8.    Music

“Music” reached at No. 1 on the top 100 table and the Songs chart of Dance Clubs. Billboard offered a tremendously excited review of the song when it was going to release that “Music” is a spectacular venture, a huge tribute to Madonna’s persistence of being a trend-setter.

9.    Material Girl

A few boys kiss you, a little hugs you, but every boy love “Material Girl.” The song that provided Madonna one of her notorious pet names handled to playfully rejoice and disapprove of the external intemperance of the culture. All with a memorable faltering chorus that ring a bell to us precisely whose planet we are in.

10.    Die Another Day

“Die Another Day” is the OST of James Bond film with same sung by Madonna. The song was originally disclosed on internet in 2002 October before to the authorized launch that let radio to play it.